Summer 2019 Newsletter

Hello Abbey-ites! 

We are hoping to get on a regular schedule of sending out newsletters – not so often that we bug you, but often enough so you know we’re still here. 

We want to alert you of some upcoming dates. Of course, you can always check out the website to see what’s happening. 


          Saturday, 6/22/19 6:00           Jazz on the Patio 

                              Bryant Corner Café 

                              3118 NE 65th St 

                              Seattle, WA 98115 

This is a return to this great venue that has been so very good to us. We love the intimate atmosphere and the people. Great place to sit and listen and have some food and drink. Please join us for this one time date to encourage them to have more events like this. 

          Sunday, 7/28/19 7:00              The Art of Jazz at Vermillion 

                              Vermillion Art Gallery and Bar 

                              1508 11th Ave 

                              Seattle, WA 98122 

This will be a first time at this venue – we will feature a guest, Max Baldonado, on, among other instruments, an alto flute. 

          Saturday, 8/17/19 1:30           Jazz Abbey at the Fair 

                              Southwest Washington Fair 

                              2555 N National Ave 

                              Chehalis, WA 98532 

This is a whopping big event for us. We’ll be ramping up and hope to have trombone and vibes player join us to help us fill out this large venue. 


On May 26th, we had a great time playing at Northwest Folklife. We had a 30 minute set, so it was a fast scramble to get set up and a challenge to fit in the music we wanted to showcase. If you are interested in hearing (or seeing) any of it, you can find some links to audio/video/pics on our Facebook page at 

Prior to that, we had a couple of gigs at the Seamonster in the Wallingford district earlier in the year. The sets were a bit more energetic and less traditional, and included a couple guests on trombone and keyboards. Keep your eyes open for a future return gig at that venue, perhaps this fall.