New Website!

Thanks for checking out our new website.

Like many other bands, we had been depending on Facebook for our connection to you for far too long. But as band members (and you, our supporters) engaged less and less with that platform, we knew that it was time to find a way to communicate that avoided first wading through political memes and targeted ads. 

Everyone has less time than ever, but more choices. 

Loewen learned about this band hosting site (Bandzoogle) at a workshop on the business of music led by Dmitri Matheny. Likewise, DG has been reading a book on this same topic by Ari Herstand to learn some new ways of connecting you to our music. It is clear that the rules of music marketing have changed, and we want to be smart. 

Through this platform, we have the ability to share audio clips directly with you without needing to direct you to another site. We can send announcements directly to email rather than relying on how we are prioritized in a "news feed". And there are a number of other built-in features that we will explore later this summer. 

OK, that's enough for a first test post. We have been recording some new charts and we need to start mixing those down so you can hear what we've been up to. 

Don't forget to signup for our mailing list while you are visiting. 

Looking forward to playing for you soon.

Jazz Abbey