Jazz Abbey is a Seattle based jazz band with strong funk and fusion influences.  

Like many other jazz-based bands, they started off playing straight-ahead traditional jazz charts. Over time they arranged and composed material to develop a unique sound and style while retaining the ability to still serve up some traditional sounds in order to satisfy a wide range of audience preferences. They have also expanded their repertoire to include more progressive jazz material such as music performed by Gordon Goodwin, Snarky Puppy, and Russell Gunn. 

They like to keep their musical identity fresh and evolving by taking on charts that make them feel challenged and excited - because then you will feel the intensity, too. And isn't that what we are all looking for in live music - an experience where we all lock into the intentional energy of melodic statements and driven rhythmic grooves so that we are feeling and sharing some magic? 

The core membership consists of a collective of strong musicians, eager to deliver a pleasing mix of music.

They sometimes add special guests to their lineup for special shows, so sometimes you might hear them play with some extra instrumentalists or even an occasional vocalist. 

Whether you are looking for quiet dinner music or funky raucousness, Jazz Abbey is ready to entertain you. 

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